People want to do the right thing for themselves and their families. But, all too often, their good intentions have tragic results. The really sad part is the unhappy endings are often avoidable. If they had just known what could happen, chances are they would have done things differently.

What we're talking about is called estate planning. It's not just for "wealthy" or "old" people (whatever those are). It's something you need to do regardless of your age, marital status, or wealth-if you want to keep control of your assets (your estate) and of decisions about your medical care when something happens to you. And it's important to plan now, while you can. Because with estate planning, no one gets a second chance.

This website is important to you and your family because, in effect, it gives you the second chance these people didn't have. We'll look at six basic ways people "plan" their estates. (You're already using at least one of them now, even if you think you haven't done any estate planning.) We'll explain what can happen when you use them. We'll show you how one plan gives you far more control than the others.

And we'll explain it all in clear, conversational English-so you can understand it. Because we want your good intentions to have a happy ending.

*Note: California Estate Corp. is not an attorney.

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